Purchasing & Shipping Info

Orders will be fulfilled on a monthly basis. Please note that due to shipping constraints you may only purchase up to 3 books per order. If you wish to purchase more than 3 books, you will need to do so in separate orders of 3.

To indicate who you want your book(s) signed to, go to your CART. There will be a field at the bottom left of the cart for you to fill in with those instructions. Please be detailed - if you order more than one book but want them signed to different people, include those instructions.

Shipping Costs:

U.K. & Europe

1 book: €14.40 / 2 - 3 books: €17.65


1 book: €11.60 / 2 - 3 books: €13.75

Rest of the World

1 book: €17.65 / 2-3 books: €23.90

All items will receive a tracking number and can be tracked at www.anpost.ie